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Photos by javier loureiro. Photos and Postcards for sale on Librería Miguens (Malpica)


Situated on the northwest corner of the Iberian Peninsula, the Costa da Morte is a place with an especial attraction that never leaves the traveler indifferent, be it for it's white beaches or the imposing ocean that beats hard against the scarped cliffs, passing by the small fishing villages that seem so wellcoming to the visitor, and sometimes get surprised by them doing their daily chores, mainly fishing and living their lives to the compass of the sea that bathes them.

Starting in the town of Malpica, where the Sisargas Islands look on quietly to the Atlantic Ocean, and following south towards Fisterra, the Costa da Morte crosses numerous villages, between them Malpica, Ponteceso, Corme, Cabana, Laxe, Camelle, Camariñas, Muxía and Fisterra.